Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to the Real World ~

Well ~ we are back in the grind! Everyone was up and somewhat ready to get back to school! The quicker we go, the quicker summer is here...that's their motto! ;) 
We sure enjoyed the last bit of our break! 
Friday night, we hosted an oyster roast and had about 100 people out! Mary Dalton and her sweet friends!
This was the ONLY picture I took all night, but it was lots of fun! 
MD got sick during the party so her friends didn't stay the night...she was so upset that they had to leave...and that two high school boys saw her throw up. ha! Poor thing!
I put her in our room and left Jax to hang out with her ~ she was asleep in no time and better by morning! 
Saturday morning I spotted this stupid otter AGAIN! I begged Dalton to kill it the day before ~ they eat our fish! He said, "Those things are almost impossible to hit... I aint wasting my bullets." 
Well, Jax hit it...exactly in the lung...
then again in the head.
Dalton was BEAMING about this, too! :) 
We had TONS of lemons left over from the oyster roast, so we made homemade lemonade ~ it was so good! 
We took a some SERIOUS naps while watching movies this past weekend ~ it was SO rainy and the perfect weather for napping! 
We also played new board games ~ the current favorite is LIFE. 
Sunday we started the New Year with sushi and shopping! My 2 favorites! 
These 2 loons ~ they weren't feeling my vibes for family pics! 
It was SO nice to have Monday at home with Dalton! It was FLOODING ~ we got 6 inches of rain ~ and I finished up some things around the house. We are jam packed from now until late May ~ which will make these next 90 days of school fly by! 

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