Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dog Days ~

Ohhhh this sweet puppy has my HEART!!!
We have enjoyed Bo so much!!! He is truly like my little baby...he follows me wherever I go...
Sweet baby.
Deer season went out this past weekend and Jackson got one more doe for the freezer! 
Jax's teacher from last year brought Diesel to school last week ~ They miss her class SO much! She is the just the sweetest little thing ever! We love her so...and Diesel! 
I have taken Bo to school with me a few days, too!
My students LOVE having him in the lab with us! He is SO good! I just stick him in his kennel when needed and he never makes a peep! Jessica came and got him so he can Diesel could "play" in her room during precious are they!?!
(I also realize that I have become that crazy, weird dog lady!)
Dalton was gone for several nights last week and Bo took up residence on his side of the bed!
And you know MD loves him when she lets him chew on Bandit! :) 
Last day of deer season ~
Glad to have my husband back! 
Sunday, we went to a birthday party for Alison ~ She was 14! HOW are our kids getting so old so fast!?!
Mary Dalton will be 13 this August and can't wait to have a party to celebrate her entering into her teens! She is already planning it and working on a theme! :)
I also started Hello Fresh back! I have not ordered since last spring but I decided to start back! The meals have been delicious so far! I LOVE that everything I need is in the box and measured appropriately! The kids love helping me cook it, too! 
Other than that ~ MD is busy with dance and LOTS of extra practice to prepare for competition and Jax is busy learning his play lines...oh! And he started guitar again...because we have all this spare time and that was a good idea....
That's about it from us lately ~ busy as always! 

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