Friday, May 26, 2017

First week of summer!!!

The first official week of summer...and I worked for Dalton...
The kids have been enjoying the pool and sleeping in and I can't wait to join them next week! :)
Sunday night, we went to eat at McKinney's pond ~ It was so good and so much fun.
There is nobody I would rather hang out with than my 3...
Jackson was exploring the time for pictures! :)
Tuesday ~Whitney spent a couple of nights with us...
We went to eat crab legs and then made a trip to the mall...
It was rainy and gross so it was good to get them out for awhile!
In other news ~Mary Dalton & I won the mother/daughter look alike contest! :)
We got some fun prizes!!!!:)  
The rest of the week was spent in the pool, cleaning the playroom, and FINALLY getting their lockers (from 3 years ago at Christmas to the house! We are looking forward to a long weekend, then we are headed to MS for a week!
Oh sweet've been missed!!!!

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