Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Happenings..

We are still trying to fall into a summer routine around here! A week working for Dalton, a trip to MS, then Summer in the Son has kept us going 90 mph! 
We have squeezed in some family time and are waiting for LOTS more in the coming weeks!!! 
Dalton grilled the best pork chop I've ever eaten! They were amazing!!! Eating out is no longer fun because his food is so much better than anything we can order!!
  The weather has been freakishly cool and rainy! Jackson has enjoyed fishing, playing with Bo and swimming when the water isn't freezing!

He's even been practicing his driving skills!!! He is a GREAT driver!!! Love the man he's becoming so much. There are still a few glimpses of little boy, but it's getting to be fewer and fewer. He carries a knife, holds doors for ladies, hangs out with his daddy every chance he gets...he's precious. Love that sweet baby of mine!
Mary Dalton was invited to her first girl/boy party a few weekends ago. The girls spends HOURS getting dressed and deciding what to wear. They then found out it was a football/baseball party and were LESS than amused! Ha! Anyway...they went and had a great time! Those 7th grade boys sure lucky! Those are some pretty girls!!! 
One of my favorite parts of summer is playing with Bo! He loves to swim with us and gets so excited when he sees us coming out!!! 
Next week is looking promising for some MUCH needed downtime for us! We have VBS but our days are free except one...hello POOL TIME....FINALLY!!! 

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