Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mississippi Trip

It's not summer without a trip to MS! Mary Dalton asked Whitney Sue to go with us this year! Having a friend they both like made our trip extra fun!
Nana let them have a full fledged slime factory! I've banned this from our house so this was a hit! Not to mention...the weather was awful so this was entertainment! Elizabeth and my sister came down too! We loved spending time with them!
When there was a break in the rain we took Whitney to see some of the tourists stops!

We were able to see The Rabb's and Carters, see over 30 gators on the levee in Vidalia, and squeezed in a trip to Fat Mamas where the kids tried tamales...and hated them! ;)
Of course we made a trip to the creek!!! That's their favorite thing to do each year! I missed our anniversary while I was gone...and my sister also missed hers! We decided to go to dinner and celebrate anyway! It was so much fun to get to catch up with her!
 Sunday morning we attended the 100th celebration service of the church my great grandfather started. This was a special day and my kids got to meet some "new" family members and see some of their favorites like Aunt Winnie and Uncle Ronnie! 
We left to head back to GA as soon as church was over. We had a fun time, but we're glad to be home! 

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