Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SDC Recital 2017

This past Saturday was Mary Dalton's recital ~ this is her 5th year at SDC and 8th dancing.
After solo recital, Dalton took us to eat supper ~ we had a 2 hour break so that was nice!
I am so thankful for Anna Grace ~she is such a good role model for Mary Dalton! MD ADORES her!!!We love sweet Annie, too!!! (Jackson was especially excited when she showed up to eat supper with us! ha!)
It was FLOODING but we got the girls in without getting their hair wet ~ that would have been a recital disaster!
Another recital for these two!!!
They have been dancing together for 6 years now!
Mary Dalton loves Anna Kate! I am so thankful she has such sweet dance friends! Our school is so small ~ she only has 4 other girls in her class ~ so having friends at dance is nice! :)
These 3 did a great job on their trio!!!
Mary Dalton had a BLAST at recital ~ she laughed and just had a good time...and to me, that's what it is about...having fun. She will never dance on Broadway, or probably even after high school ~ heck she might quit before high school~ but she has learned self discipline, poise, self confidence, and made friendships and memories that are some of the sweetest! :)
Marti was awarded the ballet scholarship and these two were so excited for her!:)
We are opting not to do nationals this year ~ MDD wanted a break and I was all for it! :)
It was a another great year at SDC!

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