Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December Happenings...LOTS of them, too!

Long time, no blog! December has kept us busy! Here's a peek into what we have been up to!  :)

We met Sallie, Brock, Chance and Nick for the Christmas parade in our town! Jackson was of course with his daddy ~ that seems to be a trend these days! Those two are TIGHT!
Which leaves us girls to enjoy ourselves! :)
The parade was fun and we were just so thankful Chance was there with us! That baby is such a miracle! 
Mary Dalton & Nick racked up on the candy, and we loved catching up with everyone! Such a small tradition, but one we look forward to each year! 
Mary Dalton's class went caroling at the nursing home and I drove the girls!
LOVE LOVE LOVE these precious girls!!! 

Mary Dalton is still not loving basketball, but she is hanging in there! She ate almost a whole container of Dibs and drank a Mountain Dew right before her game last week ~ she was banking on not playing....she played almost the whole game! ha!
I thought she was going to puke, but she rallied and did a good job....AND ~ she was super pumped because her makeup stayed on!
I sooooo miss my kids being excited about Santa and all the magic that comes with Christmas, but MAN ~ I love not paying a sitter!!! Dalton and I had a night out at a friend's Christmas party ~ SO. Much. Fun!!!
It is also nice because Mary Dalton wraps all the presents! :) 
This past Sunday, we went to see The Nutcracker. Ava Grace and Natalie went with us and we had the best time! Ava was HILARIOUS!!! We laughed at her comments the whole time ~
My favorite was,
"Where are his pants? My daddy doesn't wear "weggings!'" 
Mary Dalton's best friend Marti Ann was Clara and she did a beautiful job! 
Ava was DYING to get on the stage! Mary Dalton adores this child...she pretty much will do anything she suggests! 

And where has Jackson been during all of the festivities!?!?
In the woods of course!
He killed another great deer!!! 
He also had a field trip to see A Christmas Carol last week with his class ~ I did not go but stole this picture off an IG page his class has! :)

We are busy this week with exams! We get out Friday at noon for Christmas Break and we are PUMPED! LOTS of fun coming our way!!! 

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