Thursday, July 12, 2018

July Happenings ~

July has gotten off to a great start! We are still wide open, but enjoyed a quiet week at home this week! We LOVED having Elizabeth with us!! We miss her so much!!! 
I got to work in my room some and we painted the walls and added barn wood to the doors ~ 
I am going with a rustic theme ~ I am so excited to see it all come together and try something new! 
This is my favorite fixer upper so far!!! The wood made this soooo much prettier! 
This was on my time hop from 8 years ago ~ the day Whitney and Mary Dalton a cow trough. Still the sweetest of friends...
The 4th of July was spend at the cabin ~ we rented a slip and slide and had the best time!!! 
While I was cleaning out (one of my 500 projects) I came across a paci MD hid when she was 4!!!! Seriously ~ it's been hidden for almost 9 years!!! 
We went to the coast for Razz's 5th birthday!!! Sweet girl!!! Mary Dalton stayed for 10 days and kept her, then Jackson went and stayed for 4 to help out! They adore her!! 
Mary Dalton fell in LOVE with Fiona!!! She used to keep Razz and is now a country singer...maybe she will make it big one day!!! 
We had to make a quick trip to see Whitney before she left to see her daddy for a week! 
We also have been practicing MD's driving skills!! 
We have eaten soooo many good vegetables and fruits from this fruit stand! It's the honor system ~ another thing I love about our tiny town!!! 
The Palmers are headed our way this weekend and then to MS we go!!!! 
About a month left in our summer and we aren't slowing down yet!!! 

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