Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Busy Week!!!

Wow! It was another busy, busy week!!! Highlights of this week are Jackson losing another tooth, both kids have 99.9% averages on their progress reports and ROCKING the AR points chart, cooking some yummy snacks, the 1st pep ralley, a sleep over and dove hunting!
 Jackson wrote this at school ~ I thought it was SO sweet!!! He has such a sweet spirit about some things in life ~ Others...we are working on! ;)
 We enjoyed having Whitney Sue this weekend! Her grandmother is in the hospital so she spent the weekend with us so her mom could be with her mother. We had plans to go to the game Friday night, but the weather did not cooperate, so Dalton kept the kids at home while I worked the concession stand! They have been SO sweet! I was not feeling well at all today and I was so thankful WS was here to keep Mary Dalton entertained!
 How PRECIOUS is he???
The boys went dove hunting again today and when they came in I put Jackson right in the tub. He was SO SO SO dirty ~ he had blood on his hands and on his face...I was commenting how dirty he was and he said, "Do you want to smell my arm pits? I smell like a REAL man today!"
Today is my sweet Mama's birthday! I am so thankful for her and wish I was there to celebrate with her! Happy Birthday Nana!!! We love you LOTS!!! :)
Dalton is super excited about the GA game tonight and I am hoping to get the kids to bed early and relax! It has been so nice to have a weekend at home without any plans! I want to take full advantage of it while I can! :)

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