Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday!!!

We had the BEST day today!!! We started off with church this morning ~
this time of year I have a hard time dressing everyone...I don't want to look summery, but it is too early for fall...we never have shoes that work...but we got it together this morning and were actually EARLY for Sunday school!
 Church today was wonderful ~ I know that this may sound bad, but when you have sat through as many services as I have, it is SO nice to hear a familiar verse but be shown new insights to it! Scott preached on the wrath of God, but also on His goodness and mercy.
He went on to talk about how we as Christians represent our Heavenly Father and we bear His name...and we need to make Him proud that we are His! Excellent sermon and gave me lots to think (and pray about!) this sweek!!
 Mary Dalton helped take up the money for march for missions ~ she was super cute standing down front with her basket. I asked Jackson to "march" for our family and take the money down front...he said, "I can't! I am BROKE!" ha!
 After church, we went and ate Mexican ~ it was SO good!!!
We headed to the farm ~ the weather was PERFECT!!! It was SUCH a beautiful day!!!
 Picture Perfect!!!
 There is TRULY no place I would rather be than here! We put SO much money in the pool, that I feel like when it is hot...we need to be it is nice when the weather cools off and we can enjoy the farm! Our children LOVE it there!
 We loaded up and rode 4 wheelers for about 2 hours! We found muscadines and the kids loved them! We had a muscadine war...lots of grape stained clothes, but we had a blast!
 Everyone wants to ride with Dalton...he is the fun and fast driver! ;) So thankful for this handosme man and that he is such a good Daddy to my children! He is setting the standards HIGH in the husband department for Mary Dalton!
 Last time, we let the kids they got to drive ALONE!!!
Where did the babies on the battery operated gator go?!?!?
 Jackson said he smiled so much his face hurt!
He said, "Mama, this is the BEST!!!" He found EVERY mud hole he could! He had so so so much fun!!!
 After riding, I read some and the kids played outside ~ Jax practiced his bow hunting!
Dalton made his famous burgers for supper and they were soooo good! I ate mine and what Mary D. left of hers! YUMMY!!!
It was the PERFECT ending to our week!!! We are all 4 super excited about fall and spending lots of time at our farm! 

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