Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooking, Missing Teeth & DaNcInG sTaR!!!

Another WHIRLWIND of a week...imagine that!!! I must be getting OLD because the weeks are FLYING by faster than ever! We stay so busy I am really trying to MAKE time to just enjoy my babies...because they are growin up WAY too fast!!!
 Wednesday, Mary Dalton stayed in after school care until time for dance...Jackson and I cam home and made cookies! I let him do ALL the steps...even read the instructions! He was VERY precise and did a great job! The cookies were gone in 2 days, so they were YUMMY!!!
His favorite part was rolling them into little balls ~ he got to lick LOTS off his me that is the BEST part about baking...licking the bowl...or your fingers! ;)
 I don't think I ever posted his pic last week,  but this is his "smile of the week" ~ he is losing teeth so fast, it is hard to keep up!!! His bottom teeth are shifted a good bit, but his top teeth are coming in pretty straight! He REALLY wants braces like his big sister! ;)
 Mary Dalton was chosen as "Dancer of the Month" for August! She was SO proud! She gets her name on the board for the month and will be recognized at the awards banquet. She is dancing 2 days a week and countless hours...that is ALL she does!
 I think everyone is OFFICIALLY adjusted to school! The kids are rocking their AR points, reading like champs, doing ALL homework on their own (I don't even check folders anymore! GOOOOO AMBER!!!), studying for spelling and math tests ALONE and still getting up and dressed without help! I have got 'em trained!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want them to be independant and they are proving daily that they are! So proud of my babies! We celebrate EVERY week with a trip to the local pharmacy for ice cream cones or milk shakes! Works like a charm!!! :)
By Thursday, they are worn out!!! Both kids fell asleep in their bean bags last night...and Mary Dalton NEVER falls asleep anywhere but bed!!!
We have a fun weekend planned and I can't wait to get it started!!!

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