Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let's SKATE!!!

We have had a SLAMMED pack weekend so far! Friday after school, I cleaned out every nook and corner of Mary Dalton's room! I did Jackson's thursday ~ his took me 2 hours. Hers...6!!! She said,
"I know Mama, I could be on Hoarders!" ha!
Anyway~ she is cleaned out and organized and ready for fall! She has outgrown ALL of her shoes from last year and so has Jackson! They are both in a size 3 now!
We left this morning around 9:30 to head to Augusta to do some shopping before Marti Ann's party! Jackson went with us and he was actually pretty good! They only got in trouble once...and we were there a LONG time so that is SUCCESS in my book! :)
They had the BEST time skating! Jackson wasn't invited to the party, but I had to take Mary Dalton so decided to stay and let him skate too! He was SO excited!!! They both did REALLY well!!! Jackson is planning on having a skating party when he turns 7!
After the skating party, I left MDD there with Marti Ann while Jackson and I ran to Sam's ~ LOVE sam's!!! BEST deals on produce!!! I am STOCKED with blueberries, strawberries, plums and grapes! Yummy!!! 
After our trip to Sam's ~ we stopped at Dipping Dots before heading home! We got everything unloaded and Miss Priss came home. She is having MAJOR drama with her earrings! :( I think one is infected so I am trying to treat it but she is not the best patient! They were both worn out and I had them bathed and in bed at 8! Dalton has been at the farm working, so I hav enjoyed a quiet evening to myself! :)

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