Monday, September 17, 2012

Out 1st "Sick" day!

Mary Dalton started complaining Friday night with her ear hurting..she got them pierced in June, so I thought there is NO way that it was infected...wrong!!! We took the earring out and like any good mama, I googled what to do! After using sea salt soaks and neosporin for 24 hours, it was not better. I called our sweet pediatrician and she told me to text her a pic of it ~ as  soon as she saw it, she wanted to see her. Long story short...she gave her a Rx cream and is rechecking her tonight at 8 (24 hours since she last saw her). If it is not greatly improved, she will do a round of the antiboitic that they give you when you have staph. I am PRAYING that we get a green light and are good to go!
She suggested that we stay home so I could keep heat on it ~ 20 mins of every hour she is on it!
She is so upset that her ears may close up!!! :(
ve to say that hse
After church Sunday, Dalton took both kids to the bird field! Mary Dalton had a blast! She said "I think I was the best dressed hunter in the history of dove hunting!" ha! Dalton has my camera but I have pics I will post later this week! After the hunt, we ate at Huddle House ~ Jackson LOVES a waffle!! He ate every single bite! Mary Dalton was really not feeling well at this point, so she just had a few bites of bacon and sprite.
This pic of her ear was taken with my cell phone last night ~ after salt soaks and OTC meds. It looks SO much better in this pic than it looked to begin with! She won't even let you NEAR her ear it hurts so bad! :( I have to say that it looks even BETTER after a day of heat and Rx cream!!!
Hoping for good news from the Dr tonight! 

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