Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mary Dalton's FIRST Dove Hunt!

Mary Dalton was super excited about her 1st dove hunt with her Daddy on Sunday after church ~ she wanted to go on opening day, but didn't "have anything that she could wear that was cute" so she opted to stay at home!
 I was worried that Jackson would not be excited about his big sister invading in on his hunting time, but he was excited to have her tag along! Dalton took them both, and I had almost THREE hours at home alone!
I threatened them about fighting/fussing and the PROMISED they would be sweet! :)

1st stop, the pecan plant! I was out of pecans and almonds ~ can't go without either one for more than a few days! ;) The kids LOVE to ride their scooters at the plant, so they rode before the big hunt! 
 This is one of MANY "out takes" on pics ~ Jax was helping MDD pull up her pants! Never a dull moment with these 2!! They laugh ALLLLLL the time!!!
 She had a BLAST and said
"I am pretty sure I was the best dressed dove hunter in the history of dove hunting!"
(those pink boots did the trick!)
She picked up the 1st bird and said she can't wait to go back! My prissy girl can dance, wear make up and TOTALLY rock a hairbow...or style it out in some camo and boots and pick up her Daddy's kill....
and I would not have it ANY other way!!! :)

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