Sunday, August 17, 2014

DoUbLe DiGiTs ~ ~ ~MDD is TEN!!!

My sweet Mary Dalton ~ on this day 10 years made me a Mama.
You have NO IDEA how excited we were to know God had chosen us to be your parents!!!
I ALWAYS dreamed of having a daughter and you are EXACTLY what I had always imagined!
(July 2004 @ your baby shower!)
Except this ~
Have MERCY you cried!!! and cried!!! and cried!!!
You broke us right into parenthood with a fabulous combination of reflux and colic ~ not to mention being a whole FIVE tiny pounds by the time we got you home from the hospital!!
And even now ~ when you are sick...or have had a rough day...there is that one magic person that can always calm you right down...Your Daddy.
And you STILL have him wrapped around your tiny fingers!
(August 18, 2004 at the hospital)
It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your first birthday!
I can't believe that you are double digits! Seems so grown up!
(August 2005 ~ 1 year olf birthday pics)
And as much as I loved you being so cute and tiny...
I am not sure I would "go back" to you being little even if I could...
because you are SO wonderful and SO much fun today!!!
(not that you weren't wonderful and fun then, are just REALLY fun now!)
(August 2006 @ your slide and splash party)
You are my little side kick and you are very mature for your always have been!
This past year, you really started to like to cook...your speciality is baking!
You can make the most delicious homemade cupcakes and homemade icing...
and your brownies with cream cheese icing....YUM!!!
(August 2007 @ your circus party)
Other than cooking ~ you still love your American Girls dolls, dancing, swimming, and playing outside!
You say you want to be a baker...but deep down I think you will be a are SO good to little children and they love you so much!
(August 2008 @ your swim party)
This past year was exciting for you!
You started dancing at Southern Dance Connection and you love it!
You went to Disney World and we also went on a Disney Cruise!
You went to AL and MS while Daddy and I went on an anniverary trip!
You went to camp for a week!
You also went on vacation with your friend Maggie ~ twice!

(August 2009 @ your cooking party)
You were not home much...and that seemed to suit you just fine!
You love to be on the "go" for sure!
(August 2010 @ your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party! )
You loved thrid grade so much...I think Miss Christie was your favorite teacher up to this point!
You learned so much and you got the highest average award for both math and social studies!
You also won the trophy for the most AR points in the WHOLE school!
(August 2011 @ your painting party)
You still have only 4 girls in your class and you all are great friends!
You have made several other new friends at your new dance studio!
I pray you will always have those close relationships with your girl friends!
(August 2012 @ your spa party)
I pray that this year is your best year yet!
I pray that you continue to make and develop deep friendships with others.
I pray that you always have a compassionate heart and that you are willing to help others.
I pray that you and Jackson will remain close (yall fight sometimes but 90% of the time yall LOVE each other!!!)
(August 2013 @ your swimming party at the Y)
I pray that God will bless you with good health and He will keep angels around  you constantly...
but most of all, I am praying that this will be the year that you will accept Jesus as your Savior.  I know that this will happen when the time is right and I will continue to pray for you and your decision to follow Christ until you decide that you are ready!
(August 2014 @ your ice skating party! )
Mary Dalton, I truly could not imagine a more perfect fit for our family!
You are everything I have ever dreamed of and more!
I am so thankful to be your Mother and pray you have many, many more happy days ahead of you!
I love you SO SO SO much!!!!

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