Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mary Dalton's 10th Birthday Party!!!

What a weekend!!!
We spent it celebrating our favorite soon to be 10 year old in the morning girl!!! ;)
The fun started Saturday morning when we picked up Ann Marie and Emerson at The Orchards ~
They LOVE that Mary Dalton's grandparents have a candy store! They each picked out a candy...or pecan pie! :)
Several sweet girls rode with us to the party ~
They were HILARIOUS!!!
And they were SEVERAL boys there...but to be honest...they just weren't into picture taking!
They were too busy skating and I could tell they did NOT want to pose with these girlies...
I bet in a few years they will be ALL ABOUT some posing with these girls! ;)
This was MD's first party where it was not 150 degrees outside!!!
The kids really got the hang of skating!
She had 21 friends come to help her celebrate!!!
She is one blessed girl!
Sweet Chelsey came and this MADE her day!!!
Chelsey even brought Willis and her boyfriend, Rob ~
college kids are SO much more fun than parents!!!
I mean really...they don't get any cuter than this!!!!
Jackson was glad to see Rob!!! He beat him (and Willis!) in several races!!!
10 candles is a LOT!!!
Hands down this was the BEST cake ever!!! I have already told Christa (our preacher's wife who made the cake) we want this for wedding cake in 20 years! :) DELICIOUS!!!
She had a great time and is so blessed by so many sweet friends!!!
Present time ~
Love all those hair bows!!!
And just because I love this ~
Sooz gave her a fish and we had to run an errand after the the fish had to come inside...
and her sweet Daddy strapped her in the buggy and MD pushed "Trixie" all over the store...

A HUGE thank you to all of our sweet friends who love Mary Dalton and came to help us celebrate her special day!!!

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