Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Week 32 ~ #dailydowdypic

This picture sums up how we all feel right now...
Day 219...
asleep after school.
Day 220  ~
The boys stayed at the farm and Mary Dalton & I had a date and ate Mexican! :)
Day 221 ~
We had a bridal shower for Sallie Ann at our house on Saturday!
Can't believe she's getting married!!! Makes me feel OLD!!!
Day 222 ~
I had Dalton show me what all Jax needed for his first football practice on Monday ~ I know NOTHING about the sport so he got fully dressed so I would know exactly what to pack each day!
(and he LOVES LOVES LOVES football!!! I wasn't sure because they practice from 6-8 and he doesn't get home til 8:30-45 but he has loved it so much and is so excited to tell us all about it each night! LOVE this!!! Can't wait to see him play...but PLEASE don't let him break a bone!!!)
Day 223 ~
Jackson started football and Mary Dalton started back to dance on Monday!
She was ALL smiles about it too! She loves her dance teachers so much and looks forward to going each week!
Day 224 ~
Nothing like an ice cream sundae before practice! :)
day 225 ~
I have a SERIOUS carpool list of who takes who and when and where ~
Today was my day to drive 4 boys to football ~
Will came home with us and was DYING to swim...
and then when they saw the could I say no?!?!
Busy, busy, busy and we ain't slowing down!!!
Mary Dalton turns TEN in a few days so we are getting ready to PARTY!!!!

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