Monday, November 21, 2016

Spelling Bee

Last week,both Mary Dalton & Jackson were chosen to go to the spelling bee for their classes! 
They were so excited because they got out of class...and I took them to lunch...
it doesn't take much to make them happy! :) 
why do they have to grow up so fast?!?!?! 
Jackson placed 3rd ~ he stayed in several rounds and did great! 
His friend Brooke was runner up and he was so happy for her! She was SO nervous and I  honestly think he was more excited that she placed than he would have been for himself! 
I kinda got stuck with heading up the spelling bee and there is NO WAY I could have done it without these students! These kids...they are my heart! I have the BEST kids...seriously. They are awesome! 
6th grade round ~ annnndddd 
MDD  got out on her first word! She didn't care, but I gave her a hard time about it...she can handle being picked on...she thought it was funny, too! I am glad she loses graciously...she is really always so sweet! :) 
And this was the highlight of the day ~ 
Jackson wanted his picture made with Annie Swan ~ she is in 9th grade and he is SMITTEN with her and she is so precious and is always so kind to him! 
Super fun day at the academy! 

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