Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Exercising the 2nd Amendment

Last week, Dalton brought home a new gun  ~and the kids could not wait to try it out!!!
A AR15...
Yeah...don't trespass on our land! ;)
Up first, Jackson...
Of course he was a pro!
Mary Dalton needed a little more help, but once she got the hang of it, she was a pretty good shot, too!!! She actually really liked it! We have a high school skeet shooting team and I think she might try it in a few years!
We are enjoying what's left of the mild weather with weekends at the cabin ~ the kids and I tend to stay home on the weekends in the's so dang hot and we would rather use the pool! :)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SDC Recital 2017

This past Saturday was Mary Dalton's recital ~ this is her 5th year at SDC and 8th dancing.
After solo recital, Dalton took us to eat supper ~ we had a 2 hour break so that was nice!
I am so thankful for Anna Grace ~she is such a good role model for Mary Dalton! MD ADORES her!!!We love sweet Annie, too!!! (Jackson was especially excited when she showed up to eat supper with us! ha!)
It was FLOODING but we got the girls in without getting their hair wet ~ that would have been a recital disaster!
Another recital for these two!!!
They have been dancing together for 6 years now!
Mary Dalton loves Anna Kate! I am so thankful she has such sweet dance friends! Our school is so small ~ she only has 4 other girls in her class ~ so having friends at dance is nice! :)
These 3 did a great job on their trio!!!
Mary Dalton had a BLAST at recital ~ she laughed and just had a good time...and to me, that's what it is about...having fun. She will never dance on Broadway, or probably even after high school ~ heck she might quit before high school~ but she has learned self discipline, poise, self confidence, and made friendships and memories that are some of the sweetest! :)
Marti was awarded the ballet scholarship and these two were so excited for her!:)
We are opting not to do nationals this year ~ MDD wanted a break and I was all for it! :)
It was a another great year at SDC!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Celebrating Baby Chance

Earlier this month, we celebrated Baby Chance with a shower and low country boil at our cabin!
This little angel was born at 23 week ~ yall...23 weeks....and he has no setbacks in the NICU.
God is SO good and this baby is a breathing miracle!!
We had originally planned a brunch for Sallie in April, but when he came early, that got delayed.
He weighed 1 lb 6 oz  when he was born, but he is almost tipping the scale at 5 pounds! :)
Drs say he will be home the end of the month and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on him!!!

She had about 60 people there ~ it was a great crowd and she got the most precious gifts!!!
Everything "baby" is the cutest to me!
The kids had a good time hanging out, too...
I did not notice until Dalton pointed out that Jackson is laying on Sydney Clair's chest area ~
Well played, Jax....
The sweet new parents ~ I feel like she is mine! She was with us for YEARS and such good help! She is going to be the BEST mama!!! She has handled this whole situation with grace and humbleness. I know it has been a long road for them, but I can see how it has brought them not only closer together, but closer to God.
We LOVE our Sallie ~ and Brock is ok, too! ;)
We were so glad we got to help with something fun after a LONG 80+ days in the NICU!

Friday, May 19, 2017

School's Out for SUMMER!

Praise the LORD!!! 
We are officially done with school! 
I did not get my usual end of the year picture ~ 
Mary Dalton exempted her exams and hasn't been all week, and Jackson finished up Wednesday! 
Today is my last day and I can't WAIT to relax this summer! :) 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

DTI 2017

In a 24 hour period, MD was in the pageant, we had Honor's Day, a Jr Beta luncheon, then went to Savannah to let Mary Dalton compete in her FAVORITE dance competition ~ It was a whirlwind for sure, but so much fun!!!

She loves Alexis, the competition coordinator. She is the sweetest thing you will ever meet and is always so encouraging and positive! We love her!
Mary Dalton did great ~ this was the best she has danced all season!
She received Platinum for her solo "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" and also was named a Youth Dance Ambassador.

Anna Grace is home from college so she went with us! She made both these costumes without a pattern ~ I am telling you ~ that girl is TALENTED!!!

MD went with Marti Ann to the beach for the rest of the weekend and AG rode back home with me and kept me awake for the drive! :)
It was a fun night dancing in our favorite city!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Special Friends Prom

This past April my classes helped our local adult day center with prom. We did this last year and LOVED it so we were pumped to do it again!
Thursday was spent decorating and getting ready ~
These guys ~
They are my heart.
They are the most awesome group of teens around! They worked tirelessly to make this day perfect for our friends!  
They even helped escort a few of them in for the Grand March.
Sweet Randy ~ he is one that is extra special to us! Jennifer was PRECIOUS
David is the LIFE of the party ~ my students would take him with us if they could!
My junior boys teaching Jeremy to pose! :)
My students loved on these people and made them feel like they were the most special people in the whole world...they didn't see color or disability...they saw their hearts. We have done this for 2 years and both times they have amazed me.
Before the last dance, Susanna spoke and said a blessing over them. She had them repeat that they were fearfully and wonderfully made and that God loved them. Before she could finish, Randy RAN to her weeping and telling her thank you. It was absolutely precious. He has the mental age of a child, yet even he knew that what she said was special and true.
I think we all cried... 
We always go into this wanting to bless the students, but in fact, we are the ones who receive the blessing.

Honor's Day

Honor's Day was the week before last ~ This is always a super stressful time for me because I am in charge of the day for our school. This year went as smoothly as possible though! :)

We started the day with homeroom ~ a few of my seniors who were being honored ~ I am going to miss these kids SO much!!! They are a special group!

I didn't get many pictures since I am pretty busy during the ceremony but got this one of precious Blake and the 6th grade girls before we got started! He is THE cutest!!!

Jackson and his class ~ He's really into "soft smiling" in pictures to be funny...whatever. Middle school humor, drama and hormones may be the death of me....

I am BEYOND proud of these two!!!
Mary Dalton got Distinguished Headmaster's (had 95 and above in every subject all year). Jr. Beta Club, Spelling Bee award and the highest average in Language Arts and English. Her teacher has raved about what a good writer she is! So proud!!!
Jackson also got Distinguished Headmasters and Spelling Bee. He received the Presidential Award for his ITBS scores and had a CLEAN sweep with the highest average in EVERY subject for the 2nd year in a row! SO proud of them both!!!I place a LOT of pressure on them to do their best and try VERY hard to let them handle their own business and only get involved when I have to. They have been SO responsible!!!

Sooz and Big came to the program, too!
These two ~ brains and beauty ~ double winner! :)

After Honor's Day, Mary Dalton had her Beta Club induction ceremony and luncheon. It was so nice and she had to read a part and light a candle...she is an officer...but I can't remember which one! ;)

All of these kids are in Jackson's class and have older siblings in Beta Club, too ~
Hopefully these 4 will join them next year! :)

It has been a LONG year ~ MD did super adjusting to middle school, but Jackson has not loved school this year. However, he worked hard and is ALMOST done!!! We are looking forward to summer for sure and a fresh start in the fall!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Beauty Pageant

Mary Dalton was in our school pageant last week! She has wanted to do this FOREVER and I have always told her that when she was in middle school she could do it ~ and I hope she NEVER does it STRESSED me out! She was even nervous...and she NEVER gets nervous!
My sweet students, Graci Rae and Livi, took her under their wing and helped her out! 
She even borrowed Graci Rae's dress  ~

And I know I am partial ~ but she was stunning. 

She loved every aspect of the whole day and had the BEST time getting all dressed up. 
There were 7 in her group and she was named 1st runner, her best friend was named 2nd runner up, and other friend, Maggie, won...and Whitney crowned...
6th grade girls RACKED up for sure...
I admired her confidence to do this, but I am most proud that 99% of the time she ACTS pretty...

Dalton with this favorite 3 people ~ :) 

Jackson used this opportunity to get some pics with his favorite high school ladies ~ 
First up ~ 
Then ~ 
Graci Rae who was crowned Miss TJA 
All in all, it was not a horrible experience...she is already planning to participate again next year...
I may bribe her with a REALLY good trip to avoid it though! :) 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Savannah 2017

Dalton has a conference every year in Savannah ~ which happens to be my FAVORITE city in GA! This year, we let the kids skip 2 days of school and join us! The weather was AMAZING ~ it was like summer! We took full advantage of the pool! 
Friday morning, we headed out EARLY for breakfast before Dalton had to attend classes...
And Huey's did not disappoint! 
LOVED spending some time with him on River Street before he had to work! 
He makes my life so much fun! :) 
Friday night, Mary Dalton and Jackson kept our friends' twins...
I think they learned the value of a dollar! They had their hands FULL but fell in love with Zoie and Zander! 
My kids' favorite part of the whole experience was the Buyer's Mart ~ they racked up on free crap...
and then hauled it home to my clean house! This was JUST Jackson's loot ~ they had BAGS full of cups, pens, chapstick, stickers, etc. 
Just what we needed...
This was the first time in YEARS we were all in one hotel room together...we usually get a suite or rent a house. We need lots of space...we like our own area/space. I was VERY worried about being cramped up in the room, but it actually was not bad at all and we enjoyed our time together! :) 
Saturday night, they had a dinner party with a band and we let the kids go ~ 
They had a great time! MD loved the dancing and Jax loved the food! :) 
Super fun weekend away with my favorite people! :) 

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