Friday, June 23, 2017

Enjoying Summer!!!

Summer is flying by as usual...but we have enjoyed ourselves!!! Just a peek at our last two weeks! 
Jackson had his 11 year old check up...six months late. He got three shots and the Dr increased his migraine meds to twice a day. Hopefully that will help! Other than that he's healthy and getting SO big! Not much "little kid" about him anymore. 

We squeezed in a girl's day! We are "pairing off" so much more now that the kids are older...boys at the farm...girls at the pool/mall/home!  
Both my kids helped in VBS last week. I kept the nursery and LOVED it so much!!!  Nothing like a sweet baby to love on...and then send them home! MD helped with 4 year olds and Jackson was with the threes. It was a good experience for both of them!  
Dalton and I went to a Hank Jr concert with our friends! Super fun night out!

Mary Dalton went to the beach for the week with her friend Maggie. Jax and I had a day in Augusta. We went to Apple, Cabellas and the movie...all his favs! Fun time with my boy! He also had a friend stay the night and we spent every night but one at the cabin! He enjoyed ALLLLL the attention for a few days for sure!

MD didn't send many pics but I stole this one off SC! She was gone 7 days...I went and got her yesterday and was so glad to have my girl back!!!
  Jax RARELY spends his money but he bought an Eno and has enjoyed it so much!!  
 We've had LOTS of pool days and Bo is a swimming champ!!! Pool days are my favorite days...lots of reading, tanning, laughing and games. 
 Pool days with Razz are even better!!! We loved seeing her!!! She's getting soooo big!!! We just adore her! 
 We have several things going on next week then it's JULY! In July, the kids have camp, we have a beach trip and it's back to school! It'll fly by but I plan on LOTS of pool time with our friends!!! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Recital 2017 Picture Overload!

These pictures were proofs from the recital!!! Love seeing girl do what she enjoys! Her joy is evident on her face! She loves SDC and her friends there! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer in the Son

Last week both kids attended Summer in the Son! This is like VBS on steroids! They LOVE this!!! The Church of God goes above and beyond to make this event a success!
This years theme was Fear Factor...
MD was nominated for eat raw eggs, mustard and hot sauce...
Let's just say she didn't win! ;)

Jackson busy at work solving a puzzle for his team! He had a great time and loved it as usual!
Their group leader posted this on her FB page about MD. She's been her leader for 3 years! ALL the kids want to be in Julie's group! She is THE sweetest!! 
MD is officially too old to attend anymore but jackson has got one more year! 

Mississippi Trip

It's not summer without a trip to MS! Mary Dalton asked Whitney Sue to go with us this year! Having a friend they both like made our trip extra fun!
Nana let them have a full fledged slime factory! I've banned this from our house so this was a hit! Not to mention...the weather was awful so this was entertainment! Elizabeth and my sister came down too! We loved spending time with them!
When there was a break in the rain we took Whitney to see some of the tourists stops!

We were able to see The Rabb's and Carters, see over 30 gators on the levee in Vidalia, and squeezed in a trip to Fat Mamas where the kids tried tamales...and hated them! ;)
Of course we made a trip to the creek!!! That's their favorite thing to do each year! I missed our anniversary while I was gone...and my sister also missed hers! We decided to go to dinner and celebrate anyway! It was so much fun to get to catch up with her!
 Sunday morning we attended the 100th celebration service of the church my great grandfather started. This was a special day and my kids got to meet some "new" family members and see some of their favorites like Aunt Winnie and Uncle Ronnie! 
We left to head back to GA as soon as church was over. We had a fun time, but we're glad to be home! 

Summer Happenings..

We are still trying to fall into a summer routine around here! A week working for Dalton, a trip to MS, then Summer in the Son has kept us going 90 mph! 
We have squeezed in some family time and are waiting for LOTS more in the coming weeks!!! 
Dalton grilled the best pork chop I've ever eaten! They were amazing!!! Eating out is no longer fun because his food is so much better than anything we can order!!
  The weather has been freakishly cool and rainy! Jackson has enjoyed fishing, playing with Bo and swimming when the water isn't freezing!

He's even been practicing his driving skills!!! He is a GREAT driver!!! Love the man he's becoming so much. There are still a few glimpses of little boy, but it's getting to be fewer and fewer. He carries a knife, holds doors for ladies, hangs out with his daddy every chance he gets...he's precious. Love that sweet baby of mine!
Mary Dalton was invited to her first girl/boy party a few weekends ago. The girls spends HOURS getting dressed and deciding what to wear. They then found out it was a football/baseball party and were LESS than amused! Ha! Anyway...they went and had a great time! Those 7th grade boys sure lucky! Those are some pretty girls!!! 
One of my favorite parts of summer is playing with Bo! He loves to swim with us and gets so excited when he sees us coming out!!! 
Next week is looking promising for some MUCH needed downtime for us! We have VBS but our days are free except one...hello POOL TIME....FINALLY!!! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

First week of summer!!!

The first official week of summer...and I worked for Dalton...
The kids have been enjoying the pool and sleeping in and I can't wait to join them next week! :)
Sunday night, we went to eat at McKinney's pond ~ It was so good and so much fun.
There is nobody I would rather hang out with than my 3...
Jackson was exploring the time for pictures! :)
Tuesday ~Whitney spent a couple of nights with us...
We went to eat crab legs and then made a trip to the mall...
It was rainy and gross so it was good to get them out for awhile!
In other news ~Mary Dalton & I won the mother/daughter look alike contest! :)
We got some fun prizes!!!!:)  
The rest of the week was spent in the pool, cleaning the playroom, and FINALLY getting their lockers (from 3 years ago at Christmas to the house! We are looking forward to a long weekend, then we are headed to MS for a week!
Oh sweet've been missed!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Boys

These two boys of mine...
They are the cutest.
Jackson had the new Sitka catalog and came and got in bed with his daddy...
They looked for a good hour picking out their camo for the upcoming year...
I'm honestly not sure who had more fun....
I love that they both love to hunt...and that they love each other so much!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Exercising the 2nd Amendment

Last week, Dalton brought home a new gun  ~and the kids could not wait to try it out!!!
A AR15...
Yeah...don't trespass on our land! ;)
Up first, Jackson...
Of course he was a pro!
Mary Dalton needed a little more help, but once she got the hang of it, she was a pretty good shot, too!!! She actually really liked it! We have a high school skeet shooting team and I think she might try it in a few years!
We are enjoying what's left of the mild weather with weekends at the cabin ~ the kids and I tend to stay home on the weekends in the's so dang hot and we would rather use the pool! :)


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SDC Recital 2017

This past Saturday was Mary Dalton's recital ~ this is her 5th year at SDC and 8th dancing.
After solo recital, Dalton took us to eat supper ~ we had a 2 hour break so that was nice!
I am so thankful for Anna Grace ~she is such a good role model for Mary Dalton! MD ADORES her!!!We love sweet Annie, too!!! (Jackson was especially excited when she showed up to eat supper with us! ha!)
It was FLOODING but we got the girls in without getting their hair wet ~ that would have been a recital disaster!
Another recital for these two!!!
They have been dancing together for 6 years now!
Mary Dalton loves Anna Kate! I am so thankful she has such sweet dance friends! Our school is so small ~ she only has 4 other girls in her class ~ so having friends at dance is nice! :)
These 3 did a great job on their trio!!!
Mary Dalton had a BLAST at recital ~ she laughed and just had a good time...and to me, that's what it is about...having fun. She will never dance on Broadway, or probably even after high school ~ heck she might quit before high school~ but she has learned self discipline, poise, self confidence, and made friendships and memories that are some of the sweetest! :)
Marti was awarded the ballet scholarship and these two were so excited for her!:)
We are opting not to do nationals this year ~ MDD wanted a break and I was all for it! :)
It was a another great year at SDC!

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