Saturday, September 16, 2017

He Has What?!?!

Dalton and I have been noticing over the past few weeks that Jackson hasn't eaten like he normally does, sleeps ALL the time, and is limping. Just weird symptoms and nothing really adds up.
His coach mentioned to me about 3 weeks ago that he complains with his leg while practicing and limps only when running.
I asked him about it and he said that he was on the bottom of the pile at football and it hurt his knee.
Fair enough.
Fast forward to last week. I am watching him at practice and he is limping. Again.
This time he claims it's because he fell off his dove stool.
Then, he had a game and guess what?
Limping again.

Dalton has a good friend who was in our wedding and is a fraternity brother that is a PA. We talked to him about his symptoms and he agreed he needed to be seen ASAP.
Of course, my mind races to the "worst case scenario" but this past Thursday was our appointment.

He had a TONS of labs done...and handled it like a PRO! He made his daddy look like a BIG chicken!! ;) They did some xrays and scans, and then sent us to lunch.
We made a Wal-Mart trip and then he picked to have lunch at Berni's, so he could eat crab cakes.
Total side note...he's growing up SO fast!!!
We get back to the dr. and they take us in his office. Anyone knows, when you go into the actual Doctor's office, they have news...and it usually isn't good. He went on to say, "All his labs are picture perfect." (HUGE sigh of relief) Then he asked Jackson to show him EXACTLY where his knee hurts. He pointed and the dr said, "That's because you have a broken bone."
I can't tell you how AWFUL I felt!!! I just cried because this whole time I have told him to man up and run...and the poor thing had a break!!!
Can you even BEGIN to understand his pain tolerance!?!?
Broke my heart.

Anyway ~ Turns out the dr feels like this break was 12 weeks ago...he's grown about an inch since the break. It's about 85% healed and would now be classified as a stress fracture. He's done with football and all physical activity for at least 3 weeks until we go back to be sure it's healed.

Since he has been limping, his hips and left leg are now "off line" and we have to get that seen about.
Talk about an emotional day, but I am SO thankful that he is healthy!!! I am still getting over the mom guilt, but I am pretty sure he forgives me! ;)

We Survived Irma ~ Barely. But We Survived.

Last Friday, we were told at school that due to Hurricane Irma we would be getting not one, but TWO days out of school!!! #allthepraisehands
We were PUMPED and it was hard to believe a hurricane was anywhere near us!
We spent last weekend at the cabin ~ both kids had company Friday night ~ so I kept the girls at the house and Dalton had the boys at the it begins....separate sleeping places. I knew it would happen eventually, but we have arrived at the age of raging hormones...and let me say, they make the infant and toddler days a WALK IN THE PARK.

Anyway ~ Saturday after we disposed of all the company, we settled in at the cabin to watch football and cook our first batch of peanuts!
Jackson and I went and pulled them...nothing better than FRESH peanuts!!!
Dalton grilled steaks and we enjoyed a nice, quiet night at the cabin!
Sunday's weather was cloudy but SO COOL for September! We were in HEAVEN! We spent a good bit of the afternoon on the golf cart. We cut TONS of limbs and moved the patio furniture in anticipation of Irma.
Sunday night, we had a few friends over to watch Miss America. Dalton had the trailer hooked up to the golf cart and we had a BLAST! Seriously, I had no idea riding on a trailer behind a golf cart could be so much fun! We bundled up and off we went!
Jackson swore he wasn't cold...he wears shorts year round.
Clair and I were FREEZING!!! We were bundled up like crazies!
Monday morning came and it was rainy and windy but nothing super awful. It was so calm that we made another trip to the grocery store to grab some cookie dough! ;)
Dalton broke out his trusty duck boots...from the FIRST time they were in style!
By the time we got back, we had no power. A limb fell and knocked out two transformers and lines were twisted like CRAZY across the highway and on both sides of the street. We went to check the damage at the farm and we could not get to the cabin due to power lines being down and trees across the road.

LONG week short ~ we had no power from Monday around 11:30 until Friday around noon. LONGEST. WEEK. EVER.
We did get three days out of school, but then I had to work for two hours to re-plan everything.

The kids were troopers, sleeping on the floor and not complaining too much...but it was a long, long week. I was a tad jealous my friends all had power and were just getting a 3 day vacation! Mary Dalton & I did sneak to Augusta to see a movie and shop some...that helped us both feel better! :)

After this incident, we are planning to purchase a generator that will run the WHOLE cabin ~ AC and all ~ so that we are NEVER in this situation again!

It was rough, but we did make some fun memories and it was nice to have a few days schedule free and at home with my kids!
Here's to PRAYING the rest of the stupid hurricanes stay far, far, away!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mary Dalton's 13th Birthday Party ~

We celebrated our girl BIG this year with a Chanel themed birthday party! She seriously planned this for MONTHS and it was exactly what she wanted! A few things on her "must have" list were good music, an awesome cake, a geofilter for Snapchat, fun decorations, and lots of friends! :)

ughhhh...she grew up SO dang fast!!!

She picked out the cake! :) It was delicious!!!

In other news, MD has her first boyrfriend, Ben. They have been really good friends for about a year now, but made it "official" about a month ago. Who knew when I started blogging 9 years ago that one day I would blog about a boyfriend!?!?
We estimated there were about 70 kids there! It was packed! She invited the whole middle school and several of my high school students came, too! She felt loved for sure!:)

I do have to say, as far as middle school dances go, they were WAY less awkward than we were!!! After 30 mins, they were all dancing!  
She had school friends, camp friends, dance friends, and church friends ~
It was so much fun to celenbrate my favorite girl and let her know how much we all love her!!! :)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Eclipse 2017

I'm a little behind… More like a lot behind… But here's a look at the fun we had on the eclipse day!
 Our school went back-and-forth between canceling and having a normal day. I waited too late to order glasses and thought that we were going to miss the eclipse,  but we were so excited when Dalton's father called us and told us that they had several pair at the plant we could use! Mike even had a solar set of binoculars that were really cool!!

The kids thought it was neat but I think they were disappointed it did not get super dark in our area. But we made memories for sure! :) 

After I snapped this picture, I told them I needed to retake it because their eyes were closed! Ha! 

They may not have been super impressed, but I'm sure they will remember it when they are my age! I honestly think their favorite part of eclipse  day was getting out of school early! 

Life Lately...

Life lately has been wide open!!! With both kids playing sports at different times, we are rarely at home! We have been so busy lately, but they have handled it so well keeping up with all of their schoolwork and responsibilities at home. 

Jackson of course can find time to fish. He loves the farm more than he loves anything else in the whole world. Sports are fun, but his favorite thing is to be at the cabin! 

Mary Dalton is doing well and softball and really catching on quickly and learning the game. She has made some sweet friends and some fun memories... all while rocking that zebra helmet! 

That cute number 17 has my heart too! It was SO hot at this game I felt like I was melting! We are definitely ready for some football weather! 

Neither one of my children ever want their picture taken anymore… So I just take them off-line after they post them! ;) 

One of our favorite employees at school resigned after 16 years a few weeks ago. Mr. James was so good to my two children and has taken such good care of them! They were so sad to see him go! He has been such a good friend to all of us over the past 16 years and we will definitely miss him. Jackson even dressed up as James on career day when he was in K4 because he loved him so much! We had a small going away party for him to show him how much we appreciate and love him! 

This was the picture we used for ads this year. Can't believe how grown my babies are!!!!

Late nights at the ballfield mean lots of suppers out and running into friends. I honestly think this is one of Mary Dalton's favorite parts of playing softball ! Ha! 
And pretty much this is our life right now… Moving from one ballfield to the next... while waiting on hunting season! 

We are looking forward to Labor Day weekend. We hope to have some good food , watch some football and enjoy our time together!!! 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Big 13!!!

Well… We officially have a teenager!! 
Mary Dalton turned 13 this past Friday! 

I mean how did she grow up so fast? We only have five more years until she's in college!!! 
She is such a joy and bring so much life and happiness to our family! 

When I found out I was pregnant with her I secretly hoped she was a girl with all my heart! And not just a girl but a super girly girl! To say that she has lived up to this is an understatement! She is so much fun and I love that she's growing up and we can do so many fun things together... but if time could slow down just a little that would be great! ;)

We celebrated like we've never celebrated before this weekend with a huge party with all of the middle school students, dance friends, camp friends, Snapchat friends, and even some of the high school students! 

Happy birthday sweet girl! Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know and we pray that you will continue to grow into a sweet, caring, compassionate Godly lady! We pray that you will make good choices and always try to see the good in others. We also pray that she will live each day to its fullest and not be afraid to take chances!  The World is yours baby girl! Go after your dreams!
We love you so

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Softball Season

Well...Mary Dalton has played two softball games and still has her teeth...and has loved it! 
I guess we will call it a win!!! 

I took these cuties to their first game this past Monday! They lost, but had the BEST time being together! Making memories for sure! :) 

She played towards the end of both games this week! Bless her heart she said she was shaking when she had to bat! She's really enjoying it and considering it has only been a month since she picked up a bat...I'm proud of her! 

That helmet...she's making softball EXTRA girlie!!  

Her team has been So sweet and supportive! Her coach is very encouraging too! The parents/players/etc went wild when it was her turn to bat! It was hilarious! She said the pitcher looked at her like she had issues! Ha! 

We've got lots more games so I'm sure she will continue to improve with each one! :) 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Golf Cart Riding

Dalton recently bought a golf cart for us to keep at home in the summer and then use at the cabin in the fall and winter. To say that we have enjoyed it would be a huge understatement! Every night around 730 you will find the four of us on the golf cart cruising dirt roads in the neighborhood. It's become a nightly tradition that we have to at least make a couple of loops around the block if nothing else!! 

The kids even know the back way to get to the local gas station. This was one of the highlights of summer… Cruising to the jet to pick up a pizza, drinks and candy! 

The best part has been the sunset each night. We have seen some beautiful displays of God as we drive around on the golf cart. It's our 20-30 mins to unwind, talk, and enjoy the time together. My two are growing up entirely too fast! I know it's the precious times like these that Dalton and I will cherish in a few years when they're off at college.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back to School 2017

Well ~ another school year has started! They seem to come quicker quicker!!! 
Look how much my babies have grown! 
Mary Dalton started 7th grade ~ she doesn't have any new teachers, but she was excited to see her friends! :) 

Jackson LOVES middle school so far! 6th grade will be good for him! 
He has the exact 3 teachers as Mary Dalton this year and had a great first day! 

Our annual back to school photo shoot! :) 

These two ~ 
Never a dull moment!
They either ADORE each other or want to MURDER each other. There is no in between. 
This was an ADORE day. ;) 

I was SO busy when we got to school I did not get ANY pictures, but thanks to social media, I swiped a few off of a friend's page! :)

Sixth grade girls ~ 
All 5 of them.
That's what you call a CLASS full of boys!!! 
And when I don't go take the pics ~ you get pics where Jackson is goofing off! 
He got three new people in his class this year! He was SO excited his friend Taylor was back at TJA! 
We have had 2 days so far and all is well. 
Hopefully they will both continue to enjoy school! :) 

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