Monday, July 24, 2017

Girls Weekend/Boys Weekend

This past weekend the boys went to Birmingham for a hunting show, and Mary DaltonπŸ‘―❤️ and I hung out at home and had a girls weekend! We did some last-minute school shopping, had sushi, got pedicures, and that one of her friends for a movie! I love this precious time with my girl who is growing up way too fast! 

The boys left Friday morning and stayed in Birmingham for the weekend. This is their third year going to the show and they enjoy it so much. There are celebrities there each year and Jackson met a moonshiner this year. ;)

I love that these two have one on one time together as well. They have a good time when they are together and they both love hunting and fishing so much! 
They eat at a local barbecue place each year. Dalton sent me this picture and I could not believe how big Jackson looks! He is growing up so fast and getting to be so big! Mary Dalton is officially taller than me now and I know it will not be long until Jackson is too! 
Saturday morning Mary Dalton and I went to a little boutique in Swainsboro that was having an open house. We came home and enjoy the pool and spending time with each other! We then went out to dinner with Sooz. We also talked about her 13th birthday that is coming up next month! How can my baby be 13?!?! She's going to have a party with her friends and then a family party separately. It's no longer called to have grown ups at your party when you're 13!!! ;) 

We enjoyed our dinner with Sooz. Mary Dalton had been wanting to try this particular restaurant and have their charcuterie plate so this was a big treat for her! 

One of our friends calls this grown-up lunchables! Ha!!  We love charcuterie!!!
Mary Dalton πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸŽ€πŸ‘―πŸ‘  was not excited to be headed home at 9 PM on a Saturday night. So we had an impromptu sleepover with two of her  good friends. I literally went to bed and never heard from them! They were good as gold!!!

of course they had to work on their tans on Sunday! They had a fun time laying out and playing in the pool.
I've said it before but I will say it again I am so thankful for Mary Dalton Sweet girlfriends in her life. We missed Marti Ann but these girls are making some sweet sweet memories!!

The boys got home late Sunday afternoon and Jackson immediately wanted to go to the farm to try out his fishing bait! As you can see he was very successful! There is a fish fry in our near future.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jekyll Island

We left Sunday around lunch to head to Jekyll Island. Dalton had a conference and we tagged along to enjoy the beach. It was flooding on the way down so we made a detour and stopped at our favorite restaurant at the coast. Speeds kitchen is one of our favorite spots to eat for sure! 

We arrive to Jekyll around 6:30 PM after a long day of traveling in the rain! We had only been to Jekyll one other time so we had a lot to see! The hotel was very old and historic it was beautiful!

We drove around the island and saw lots of deer! Of course this made Dalton love the island! We also looked at the oldest house still standing in the state of Georgia! If you look really closely you can see Jackson in the window! ;)
We enjoyed the break in the rain and took advantage of checking out the house! The island is owned by the state and the grounds are absolutely beautiful! The trees alone were worth the trip! There were HUGE cedar trees! 

Of course our favorite thing to do was the beach. Dalton does not care anything for the beach, sand, or heat but the children and I absolutely love it!!! The weather was not the best on Monday but we still managed to get some time in! Tuesday was picture perfect we spent almost the whole day enjoying the beautiful beach! We rode waves all day long and had the best time!! 
The sea turtle hospital was on the grounds of our hotel. I took the children when they were five and six but they didn't remember it so we toured it again and really enjoyed that! Mary Dalton now wants a pet turtle! 
We also visited our favorite barbecue restaurant on Saint Simons Island which was only a short drive away! It was good but I have to say Dalton is spoiled us! His barbecue is just as good as theirs! 

On Tuesday we literally shut the beach down! Jackson collected lots of sand dollars and chased 1 million birds around wishing he had his gun the whole time! ;) we left the beach and went straight to the pool where we ordered supper and swam until bedtime!

We left early this morning to head home so Dalton could attend a meeting at lunch. It was a super fun trip and we had a great time! 
We got home unpacked and went straight to the pool! We are looking foreword to enjoying our last few days of our break! 

And I'm pretty sure Daisy was glad we were back home!!! ;) 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life Lately ~

We are glad to have the kids home this week! They have been riding the new golf cart nonstop!!! They have had a BLAST exploring dirt roads all over the much so that they didn't even swim yesterday!
MD got an awful splinter in her foot and has been limping around...or getting piggy back rides when she can! ;00

We also had her pictures done for her 13th birthday! We won a free session, so this was a great opportunity! Can't believe she will be 13 next month!!!

I stumbled across a few more pictures on the camp webpage...
Jackson is NOT interested at all in having his picture I was glad I stumbled across these of my baby boy! :)

He LOVED camp. He made lots of new friends, too!

This was his cabin crew. They won "clean cabin" three times! They were pretty proud! I wish he would practice "Clean Cabin" at home!!!

I also saw this of MD and WS!
These 2 have made some memories FOR SURE!

This is our LAST low key week ~ low key as in we have VERY few plans!!!
We are enjoying being by the pool or on the golf cart!
We have a trip coming up that we are super excited about!!!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Camp Week = Empty Nest!!!

Our kids left for 4h camp this morning! Since they've been doing camp for several years they were excited, but you know basically professionals! 

This was Jackson's first time st 4h camp and he was excited about the outdoors aspect! 

Their leader posted very few pictures which was a disappointment, but I did see them each at least once! His face!!! LOL!
This appears to be md and ws with the same color lanyard..praise the lord! These two REALLY were hoping to be in the same tribe!!!

Since we were kid free we enjoyed lots of cabin time! It was raining and yuck...perfect for watching movies!
Dalton cooked a feast for the Fourth of July! Soooooo good!!!

I worked all day and got my classroom ready to roll!!! I wanted to do it while the kids weren't here so I can be with them our last few weeks of summer!!!

Ahhhhh it's so clean right now!

Love my new coffee table! I want to paint it later on! 

Excited about a new year!!!

The kids will be home this afternoon and we can't wait to hear about their week!!! However....this alone with man....was time well spent!!!! 


Sunday, July 2, 2017

So Long June...Hello July!

As always summer is flying by!!! 
June was a pretty low key month for us for sure! 
We wrapped up the month celebrating Whitneys 12th birthday! All 4 of us adore that girl! She had a makeover party at Bare Minersls! The girls loved it!!! 

She stayed with us the night of her birthday and we went to eat at McKinneys. These 3 were cracking themselves up at supper! 
The last week was spent taking care of appointments and swimming! We did manage some cabin time were Dalton taught the girls how to slow dance so they'd be ready for 4h camp! 
WS got Jackson to dance and his cheeks were SO red! They were precious!!! 
We ended June with a firework show, homemade ice cream, and swimming in between the rain/storms!!! 

The kids are headed to 4h camp this week! It's a new camp with bath houses and no AC...bless them. They're super excited because their friends are going! 
I've got some house projects I want to get done so when they get back we can enjoy our last three weeks of summer!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Enjoying Summer!!!

Summer is flying by as usual...but we have enjoyed ourselves!!! Just a peek at our last two weeks! 
Jackson had his 11 year old check up...six months late. He got three shots and the Dr increased his migraine meds to twice a day. Hopefully that will help! Other than that he's healthy and getting SO big! Not much "little kid" about him anymore. 

We squeezed in a girl's day! We are "pairing off" so much more now that the kids are older...boys at the farm...girls at the pool/mall/home!  
Both my kids helped in VBS last week. I kept the nursery and LOVED it so much!!!  Nothing like a sweet baby to love on...and then send them home! MD helped with 4 year olds and Jackson was with the threes. It was a good experience for both of them!  
Dalton and I went to a Hank Jr concert with our friends! Super fun night out!

Mary Dalton went to the beach for the week with her friend Maggie. Jax and I had a day in Augusta. We went to Apple, Cabellas and the movie...all his favs! Fun time with my boy! He also had a friend stay the night and we spent every night but one at the cabin! He enjoyed ALLLLL the attention for a few days for sure!

MD didn't send many pics but I stole this one off SC! She was gone 7 days...I went and got her yesterday and was so glad to have my girl back!!!
  Jax RARELY spends his money but he bought an Eno and has enjoyed it so much!!  
 We've had LOTS of pool days and Bo is a swimming champ!!! Pool days are my favorite days...lots of reading, tanning, laughing and games. 
 Pool days with Razz are even better!!! We loved seeing her!!! She's getting soooo big!!! We just adore her! 
 We have several things going on next week then it's JULY! In July, the kids have camp, we have a beach trip and it's back to school! It'll fly by but I plan on LOTS of pool time with our friends!!! 

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