Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tom Sawyer Opening Weekend ~

Well ~ we survived Opening Weekend of Tom Sawyer...and it could not have been better! These pics are from Friday night ~ I worked backstage Saturday night ~ but BOTH nights were awesome! 
Before the play Tom had to get a kiss from Becky Thatcher ~ 
I really wish we could pre-arrange a wedding between these two....
We ADORE Whitney Sue! 
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My dad came to town to town and fish and was able to see the play while he was here. Dalton's parents both came on Friday night, too! I did not get a picture of Sooz ~ but Mary Dalton quickly posed for a picture with her two Grandfathers...key word QUICKLY ~ she's at that SUPER fun age where we embarrass her and she prefers to act like she doesn't know us! ;) 
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Dalton came around back to wish Jackson GOOD LUCK before the play  ~
These two boys...I am so lucky they're mine! :) 
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The play was AWESOME ~ it was actually their first time to do the whole thing from start to finish without anyone interrupting them! Jackson had a BLAST!!! 
This has been a HUGE commitment and has taken a ton of time. The play is over 2 hours and he is on stage 85% of that time...hence, a TON of lines! He has only complained ONCE and that was when he had had enough of the director one night...and it was 9:30 pm!!! So all in all ~ this has been a great experience for him. My favorite part of the experience is that he has met people he otherwise would never know! They are all such good friends now! We are sad for the play to end because we won't see them anymore! Thomas played "Jim" ~ We all love Thomas! He is a GREAT actor, too! 
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Jackson has ALWAYS loved Whitney Sue, so the fact that she is playing his girlfriend in the play AND he gets to kiss her.....well, that may be his favorite part! :) 
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He has also got to be big buddies with Nathan and Caleb ~ they are going to 4H camp this summer, too ~ the boys are really excited about that! 
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And sweet Aunt Polly was one of my students...and her grandmother plays the widow...
He ADORES Aunt Polly, and the Widow is like a grandmother to the whole cast! 
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Emily actually plays the role of Sidney ~ and she and Jax work well together on stage! 
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And Jenna ~ oh sweet Jenna! This little doll has stolen our hearts! She is southern as southern can be and plays the role of "Mary." Jackson is going to miss her terribly!!! 
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He has practice tonight and then 3 more shows this weekend! He has "fans" coming to all 3 shows....and then we are having a cast party!
We are excited about watching him perform..and getting our lives back! ;) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up ~ The Calm Before the Storm ~

Well ~ this was our last "down time" weekend (if you can call it that) before we are FLOODED with events! I mean ~ FLOODED. We are going to be going 999 different directions for the next two weeks ~ Tom Sawyer officially starts this Friday, so this week Jax has rehearsal every night until 9; Mary Dalton has dance practice, a competition next weekend, solo, and TWO track meets that are both out of town, Dalton is swamped with meetings and deadlines...not to mention hunters are coming for hunting season, and I have to attend the STAR teacher dinner, work the Chicken Q at our school, and chauffeur everyone to their events ~ Lots of fun things and exciting, but I am trying EVERYTHING in my power to be sure that they are resting and staying healthy!  

Anyway ~ here is a peek at what's been going on lately ~ 
TOM SAWYER is taking up a good bit of our time ~ or mine and Jackson's but he has LOVED it. He is super excited about this weekend and I can't wait to see him in the lead role! :) 
I texted this pic to my friends and said, "So, this is 40...." I had some issues and had a mammogram and then was sent to an oncologist (which had me nervous!) but thankfully everything was normal. I will just go back in a year and continue to see him...which I am thankful for! I feel like IF there was an issue he would be able to identify it fast! 
FYI ~ don't wear a dress when you are getting the girls looked at...I was in my panties in this gown and could not decide whether to keep my wedges on or off ~ I went with on even though I felt like a stripper....
Very Strange to be in panties and shoes only...waiting on a DR you have never seen...
The joys of being a woman! :) 
Friday could not get here fast enough!!! We went straight to the farm! We had exams all last week and that alone will wear you out! I was SO SO SO proud of Mary Dalton!!! She did GREAT on her exams!!!
As soon as we could on Friday, we headed to the cabin! 
Since we are still doing construction, Jackson LOVES to burn the scrap wood ~ 
He had a nice fire going...
Seriously ~ I waited ALLLL week for this ~ 
This view, a glass of wine and a stack of magazines....HEAVEN for me! 
Saturday, we went to AGS to pick up a few things. Mary Dalton had on this Ole Miss hat and a guy asked her if she went to college there ~ Ummmmm....I know she doesn't look 12, but she sure doesn't look  18+ to me!!! Anyway ~ her day was MADE! She will probably wear this hat everyday now! :) 
After we got back, Jackson was dying to drive...the little thing did a great job! He was a little too confident for me! I was getting nervous! 
Sunday was day light savings ~ We slept until 10! Whoops! 
It was MUCH needed though! We had a delicious breakfast and then headed home to get ready for our busy week. Miss Priss sent this to me on SC ~ Never mind "happy" is misspelled! ;-) 
Not sure when I will blog again, but I can assure we will have a lot going on between now and then! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Danza 2017

Last weekend was Mary Dalton's first dance competition! We left early Friday morning and headed to ATL to do some shopping! First stop was Houston's for lunch! It did not disappoint! 
We have a tradition of sitting in the lobby and watching everyone check in ~ T.K. was our waitress last year and she remembered us! She was so sweet! :) 
Saturday morning the comp started! 
First up ~ tap! 
LOVED these costumes! 
Solo was next ~ I know she is mine but holy smoke! She looked beautiful and the costume that Anna Grace made her for her?!?!? Stunning!!!! 
Mary Dalton & Anna Kate before solos ~ 

Trio was next and these girls were ON FIRE!!! They were AWESOME!!! 
Jazz Group ready to perform ~ 
Last dance of the day ~ Production! 
It was a long, busy but fun day! She is such a fun age and can do her own hair and make up so that helps a TON! I love our times together! :) 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

3 Three Things ~

Three things going on with us right now  ~
1. Dalton is enclosing the old front porch of the cabin and making it into a mudroom ~ this SHOULD be the last inside project for while!
2. He cannot WAIT for turkey season!!!
3. He is busy as ever with work ~ county attorney, solicitor, judge, and his regular practice ~ not to mention managing our rentals and farm ~ he is swamped! He is looking forward to taking some time off to hunt soon!

1. I completed my portfolio TODAY! I went to a Master Teacher class and am so proud to be done with it!
2. I am spending 90% of my time hauling kids from point A to point B. We are in a busy season of our life right now and although I am pretty much exhausted all the time, I love the time with my two kids. They are growing up too fast! I am also thankful that they are both participating in things that they enjoy!
3. Blogging ~ I honestly thought about stopping the blog....but Dalton and the kids did not approve! I am trying to do better and make time for it! They love looking back over the last 8 1/2 years of their lives and seeing all the funny things we did. All that to say ~ my GOAL is one entry a week...Wish me luck! ;) 
Mary Dalton ~
1. She is SO grown up! It literally just happened over night! She was walking in the gas station and some teen age boys were checking her out ~ sister has LEGS for DAYS ~ and I nicely rolled down my window and said, "HEY! Dude, she is 12. TWELVE. You will go to jail....look somewhere else today."
2. She is busy studying this week for her exams!
3. She had her first dance competition last weekend and danced great! Her solo got 3rd and her trio for 2nd! She has another comp in two weeks and can't wait! She LOVES dance! 
Jackson  ~
1. He has learned 90% of his lines for Tom Sawyer. He has TWO weeks until the play starts ~ they still have a long way as a cast, but he is doing excellent if I do say so myself! :)
2. School ~ he excels like CRAZY in school! His lowest average is a 98. He rarely cracks a book and never studies. He was gifted with Dalton's photographic memory...side note...he even memorized the staging directions in his play book! Brains for days ~ and he's cute & sweet! :)
3. Sleep ~ he is missing going to bed early because of the play...this boy LOVES to sleep and we don't get home until 9:30-45 from play practice so many afternoons you can find him napping away! 
Bo ~
1. He is getting SO big!!!
2. He helped himself to a chicken wing and swallowed it whole, so we had quite a scare about that! The vet said to watch him for 48-72 hours for a blockage, but so far he seems to be perfect! We are very thankful and ALMOST at the end of our 72 hour window!
3. Bo is supposed to go to training in May ~ everytime we talk about it, I cry. Not sure how I can let him leave me for 4 months...

We have half days the rest of the week thanks to our 3rd nine weeks exams!
Counting down to Summer now! :) 

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Day in the Life ~ February 9th

I guess this could be entitled FLASHBACK to a day in the life ~
We have been SLAM PACKED ~ hence the lack of blogging!!!
I did a day in the life post a month ago and am JUST now posting...
Here's a peek in our busy life! :)

I remembered at 6:52 that I wanted to document the day! :) 
Jackson takes Bo out every morning then he comes in to see me! He's THE sweetest dog! 
Loaded up and headed to school ~ 
And we are late ~ I am supposed to be at school by 7:30...we were leaving at 7:17 ~ 
I got to school and I always pull out my calendars, both personal and school, and get a look at the day ahead...
Checking emails, getting ready for the day! 
I taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period then I have planning ~ This day was like most...filled with grading! 
I taught 5th period, then my seniors came in! This day they were doing their skills test for CPR. 
I bought a cake for our local pharmacist ~ she is THE best! MD and I ran to surprise her with it! She goes out of her way to help us and I so appreciate it! 
Picked up an ice cream while we were seeing Miss Beth! :)
Jackson had play practice so he went home with Whitney!
Even though the kids are going their own laundry we ALWAYS have a pile somewhere...
And of course, we had to let Bo inside ~ he stays outside while we are at school but we let him in as soon as we are home! 
I ran up to see if anyone had darks to add to a tiny load of laundry ~ This is what Jackson's room looked like...I HATE an unmade bed, but it does not bother another single person in my house...I try to let it go with the kids ~ I just don't go upstairs often so I don't see the mess! 
Another unmade bed...
We had to run to Augusta to do some errands ~ MDD decided to go with us! 
1st stop ~ Home Depot...
We are enclosing a porch at the cabin, so we had a few things to pick out and pick up! 
We had supper at Able Brown's Oyster Bar ~ My favorite!
It was SOOOOO good!!! 
Oysters Rockefeller ~
our favorite! 
Dalton filled Mary Dalton's water cup to the BRIM! He loves to pick at her! :) 
I walked in the door at 8:58 ~ Dalton ran to get Jackson from Louisville from play practice...thank the heavens...I was so tired! 
More laundry with my trusty sidekick! 
FINALLY ~ my favorite time of the day!!! 
After I showered, I went up to tell Jackson goodnight ~ he did not want to photographed! ha! Trust me, he was in bed with us! We read over a few pages of his play before he went to bed for the night.
My kids are crazy about making slime...this was in his bed...GROSS! 
I let Bo out one more time before putting him in his kennel for the night...
Left a quick note for my housekeeper before going to bed...
And at 10:29 I crashed!!! 
That was a pretty typical day at our house ~ BUSY!!! 

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